Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sometimes it doesn't pay to be an optimist

So, we started this day in Roanoke, Virginia, expecting to fly to Philadelphia then on to Manchester, England.  Unfortunately, when Rudolph landed in Roanoke, his nose wouldn't light.  As a result, US Air decided our best option was to jump on the flight south to Charlotte, NC, then to Frankfurt, Germany, and then back west to Manchester.  It only added a few hours to the trip...something like nine.  I learned why this flight was $200 per seat cheaper than the British free beer and wine.

Of course, always optimistic, for seventeen hours I wait expectantly for the best frankfurter in the world, which I'm sure I'm going to get when I arrive in Frankfurt.

Thankfully, I found the Virgin convenience store, where the Paulaner was €3 cheaper than in the restaurant that robbed me and gave me this hot dog and potato salad in return.

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